01.28.22 01:48 PM - How is your life?

it's ok

01.28.22 01:45 PM - is it ok if i leak layerformer and sell it for -1 dollar?

fuck you x2.

01.28.22 01:39 PM - if a website wants me to enter my email address for whatever reason, is it ok if I just use stuartt_mcoded@mcoded.xyz

fuck you.

01.06.22 02:16 PM - layerformer release date is January 28 2023

give or take 1-2 months - or years

01.06.22 12:50 PM - hey may i have that epic clicker game version 0.2.0?

sometime soon i hope.

01.05.22 04:19 PM - Please, Stuartt, have mercy on my soul. For the past 3 days ive been forced to stare at a desktop and constantly play unreleased versions of Layerform. I had no food or water during those days. Im on the verge of going insane.

[creative question award]

01.05.22 04:13 PM - Opinions on the microwave?

it warmed up my mcdonalds meal.

01.05.22 04:05 PM - mogus?


12.31.21 09:19 PM - i have been trapped in your basement for 2 years. my body has deteriorated past basic function. please save what is left of me

i'll think about it.

11.02.21 09:26 PM - what website maker do you use for this?

I coded this website by hand! It's hosted on Neocities and i got the domain on NameCheap.

11.01.21 01:06 AM - It’s me Patzi help I’m stuck inside your carrd you gotta save me

well this isn't a carrd but here's food water and a pickaxe to get you out. 🥤🍔⛏️

10.06.21 05:36 PM - who am i. hint: L


9.11.21 06:41 AM - Do you think windows 11 sucks?

From what i've seen and used so far, it's OK, but it still has a long way to go until RTM.

8.31.21 11:03 PM - Opinions on .xyz?

better than having .neocities.org or .repl.co

8.26.21 2:40 PM - what's deez

i don't know

8.16.21 1:38 PM - Will you return to monke?

who says i'm not already a monke

8.15.21 6:01 PM - do you prefer dick or ass

8.9.21 - penis

Questions below this point are from my old CuriousCat page.

8.13.21 - Which do you like better, rain or snow?


8.11.21 - progres?


8.9.21 - hey lois

im not lois but hey

8.9.21 - ####


8.9.21 - What is your favorite meal of the day?

that one snack you get at 3 am when your family is sleeping

8.9.21 - Which apocalyptic dystopia do you think is most likely?

the one we're not expecting

8.9.21 - penis

more of an ass guy sorry